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Jul 15, 2010

Local charities get boost from firefighter and paramedic union

Posted: July 13, 2010 06:08 PM EDT

Updated: July 13, 2010 06:35 PM EDT


SARASOTA COUNTY - The area firefighters and paramedics union handed out some help for local charities Tuesday.

Nineteen not-for-profit organizations got a boost thanks to the Suncoast Firefighters and Paramedics Union.  Union heads say they will hand out more than $135,000 this year to charities in Sarasota, Manatee, and Charlotte counties.

The funds were raised though the sale of specialty tags, boot drives, donations, and other fundraisers.

Recipients like the Loveland Center in Venice were handed their checks Tuesday afternoon.  "The firefighters recognizing us and helping us to provide the necessary things for our 127 adults with developmental disabilities here at the Loveland Center means an awful lot to us," says Benny Weaver.

"Our job is about giving back to the community on duty, and we like to give back off duty.  We like to be involved in our communities," says union member Merv Kennell.

This is the third year for the firefighters community grant program.  The nearly 1,100 members of local 25-46 are looking to raise even more in the coming year.

Jun 11, 2009
VENICE - Firefighters save lives on a daily basis. Tuesday they took a different tack on that effort.
A local firefighters union handed out more than $85,000 to Suncoast charities. It's a part of the Firefighters Community Grant Program.
Charitable organizations like the Red Cross, Tidewell Hospice, and local branches of the Boys and Girls Club were some of the 16 organizations selected. The largest recipient was the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Most of the money was raised through boot drives. The rest through the sale of firefighter licence plates.

Aug 18, 2008

We have heard enough of the bad here are some links to some good. Our brothers at East Manatee are working hard to support  those with burns. They are active with a fishing for charity event and all our fishermen and ladies are urged to attend. Please click on picture for link to their site.


Additionally our Brothers and Sisters in Sarasota have been actively working to support those in desperate need.  See the attached link to the news story and information on their efforts. Great Job!


Jul 31, 2008

Local charities get help from firefighters, paramedics

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Today, the Suncoast Firefighters and Paramedics Benevolence Campaign helped more than a dozen local charities.

The organization passed out a handful checks.

Since last year, the organization has donated more than a quarter of a million dollars to charities in Sarasota, Manatee, and Charlotte Counties. Recipients of the money say they need the it now more than ever.

The union says they raise the funds from dues, boot drives, fundraisers, and specialty tag collections.


Jul 07, 2008
Local 2546 Charities
 YearCharityAmount DonatedWeb Site 
 2005Childrens First$1, 
 2005Manatee County Head Start$1,250.00 
 2006United Way of Charlotte County$ 
 2007Drug Free Charlotte County$1, 
 2007Childrens First$2, 
 2007Ameican Red Cross$1, 
 2007Salvation Army Charlotte Co.$1, 
 2007The Salvation Army-Sarasota Corp$1, 
 2007Zane Zavadill$1,200.00 
 2007Dreams are Free$3, 
 2007Sarasota Firefighters Benevolent Fund$2, 
 2007Easter Seals Project Rainbow)$1,250.00 
 2007Mayors Feed the Hungry$1, 
 2007Community Haven for Adults (CHAC)$1, 
 2007Head Start and Early Head Start$1,250.00 
 2008United Way of Charlotte County$3, 
 2008Iris Roberts Project$5, 
 2008Wounded Warriors Project $5, 
 2008Catholic Community Foundation of SW Fl.$5, 
 2008Sarasota Firefighters Benevolent Fund$2, 
 2008Community Haven for Adults (CHAC)$2, 
 2009New Operation Cooper Stree$3,500.00 
 2009United Way of Charlotte County$1, 
 2009Loveland Center$1,000.00 
 2009Tidwell Hospice and Pallative Care$1, 
 2009Catholic Community Foundation of SW Fl.$2, 
 2009Sarasota Firefighters Benevolent Fund$ 
 2009Boys and Girls Club of Sarasota$1,500.00 
 2009Habitat for Humanity of South Sarasota Roy McBean Branch$2,500.00 
 2009Child Protection Center Inc.$500.00 
 2009All Faiths Food Bank$500.00 
 2009Boys and Girls Club of Manatee County$1,500.00 
 2009American Red Cross Manatte Fl$1,500.00 
 2009Meals on Wheels plus$1,500.00 
 2009Community Haven for Adults (CHAC)$1, 
 2009Center for Autism Research and Education CARE$1,500.00 
 2009Muscular Dystrophy Association$65, 
 2010St. Vincent De Paul Community Pharmacy of Charlotte County INC  $4,000.00 
 2010American National Red Cross$1, 
 2010Society of St Vincent De Paul  $1,500.00 
 2010Loveland Center $2,000.00 
 2010Catholic Community Foundation $2, 
 2010Boys and Girls Clubs of Sarasota County, INC    (Roy McBean Branch)$2,000.00 
 2010Sarasota Firefighter Benevolent Fund $2, 
 2010Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice, INC$1,500.00 
 2010Habitat for Humanity South of Sarasota County , INC$2,000.00 
 2010Tidwell Hospice and Palliative Care, INC$2, 
 2010All Faiths Food Store, INC$2,000.00 
 2010Center for Autism Resource Education (CARE)   $3,000.00 
 2010Community Haven for Adults and Children with Disabilities, INC$1, 
 2010Hardee County Ministerial assoc.$1,000.00 
 2010Challenged Athletes, INC $1,500.00 
  Total Since Inception (2005)$250,060.00  

Jul 07, 2008

Suncoast Firefighter Charities

The following links are some of those worthy organizations sponsored by the Suncoast Firefighters Charities. Please take some time to visit these organizations and do your part in helping them to succeed.                                                              

 American Red Cross.jpg             Childrens first Logo.jpg                 Easter Seals Project Rainbow.gif

  (American Red Cross)                 (Childrens First)          (Easter Seals Project Rainbow)

 Tidewell Hospice Banner.jpg

                                                   (Tidwell Hospice)                     

 CHAC Program Logo.gif             Salvation Army.gif            Mayors feed the Hungry Project.jpg   

             (Community Haven)                                (Salvation Army)             (Mayors feed the Hungry)

 United Way Banner.jpg

                                                        (United Way of Charlotte County)

 Iris Roberts Project.jpg           wounded-warriors-logo-sm.gif            Dreams are Free.jpg

  (Iris Roberts Project)                    (Wounded Warrior Project)               (Travis Truesdale Scholarship

                                                                                                                           "Dreams are Free")

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