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Important Hurricane Relief Message from President Kennell
Updated On: Sep 13, 2017

Important Hurricane Relief Message from President Kennell:

Brothers and Sisters:

First, I want to ask all members with serious problems to contact their DVP or Secretary Heinis so you can be put on a list for assistance. Remember, we can't help if we're not aware of the need. The contact information for both your DVP and the Principal Officers is available on the Local's website at

Priority goes to open roofs and perforations that will lead to more damage if not secured quickly before rains. Since we don't have a cache of supplies, as the damage is statewide, being as self-sufficient as possible by trying to procure any supplies will be extremely helpful.

I just got off a Conference Call with IAFF and FPF and here is a recap of initial assessments:

The worst hit areas seem to be Everglades City, Ochopee, and Marco Island.

Jacksonville had major storm surge and flooding.

Supplies to assist will be prioritized to the hardest hit areas first.

The Keys faired better than expected, but have no water, sewage, electric, fuel, or communications. Go Teams are on the way there by boat today with emergency supplies and Miami Beach is sending a Task Force by vehicle today. The IAFF is sending a satellite phone for communications.

The IAFF arranged to have fuel tankers sent to fuel FF vehicles and generators in the most isolated regions - one is stationed in North Collier and one is heading to the Keys as soon as the roads are passable.

It's too early to mobilize volunteer help for the above-mentioned areas. They are still doing needs assessments and communications are very slow and poor.

For now, we are asking that you focus on helping each other within your individual units as you become aware of member needs. That is true Brotherhood and a rewarding experience to be a part of. Y'all know the member needs before we do.

If you need our help, PLEASE contact us via cell, text or e-mail.

Finally, I know the loss of electricity is challenging and may last for a while longer. That is well beyond our control and we must all be patient, make the necessary adjustments to loss of comfort and convenience, and be thankful we did not lose any members or their homes - at least that we know of. Speaking of which, if you know of a member (or family member) who has experienced a severe injury or loss of life event, please contact your DVP or Secretary Heinis ASAP so that we reach out to them to provide any needed assistance.

In Brotherhood,


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